13 Kitchen Gadgets—From Juicer Machines To Air Fryers—For Healthy Foods At Home

Any big commitment—such as aiming to eat healthy—can often seem overwhelming at the outset, which is why science often says to break it down into small, achievable steps. Having the right tools on hand to accomplish the task is step number one. It’s simple but true that you’re much more likely to follow through on eating better if your kitchen is well stocked with nutrient-rich ingredients and equipped with streamlined gear that makes it easier—and even fun—to stick with your goals. Whether you’re trying to cook more without oil, up your fruit and vegetable intake, experiment with vegan cuisine or drink more water, there’s a smart (and truly effective) gadget for that.

For healthy breakfasts, a robust juicer machine lets you start the day off with antioxidant-rich juices that you can sip on the go. The best air fryer, meanwhile, is also a convection oven so you can make crispy kale chips and roast an entire chicken at the same time. A speedy soup machine turns out homemade squash soups and berry compotes in less than 20 minutes and you can create rosemary-based spreads and butters like a farm-to-table chef with a high-tech herbal infuser.

If spending wisely is another goal of yours, good news: You don’t have to invest a fortune in high-quality gear that encourages healthy habits. The most expensive pick here is $330 and many are less than $150. As added benefit, most are compact in size so they won’t take up too much counter-space either. Here, 13 of the best kitchen gadgets to help you whip, spin and extract your way to eating healthy this year.

Top Kitchen Appliances

Brawny Juicer Machine To Boost Your Immunity

A great juicer machine can be life-changing: Once you get into slow processing fruits and vegetables into delicious concoctions—full of protective vitamins and fiber—you won’t look back. This highly rated Breville machine has a three-inch wide chute so you can fit in whole foods (no chopping required), a mesh basket to filter out pulp and dual speeds to optimize juice and nutrient extraction. It’s also far less expensive than other brands, making it a hard-working kitchen staple you won’t regret.

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Speedy Blender For Better Smoothies And Sauces

With its powerful 1000-watt motor and compact design, NutriBullet is a go-to for quickly blending up everything from fresh smoothies to hummus to pesto with all kinds of produce (it can handle coarse nuts as well). This size easily fits on your counter and is easy to clean, which means you’ll be more likely to use it.

Air Fryer Oven For Faster Healthy Meals

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to cooking at home is the time it takes. This smart countertop oven speeds up things for restaurant-like results. It has ten cooking modes—air fry (to get foods crispy without deep-frying), whole roast, air roast, bake, dehydrate, pizza, broil, toast, bagel and reheat—two levels and ten times the convection power of a traditional full size convection oven. If you want quick healthy meals, no rotating required, this high-tech pick is the way to go.

Sous Vide Cooker For Tastier Lean Proteins

Cooking sous vide involves putting food in a sealed bag, removing all the air, and cooking under water at a specific temperature. This yields tender, juicy foods that are almost impossible to overcook, from lean meats and fish to veggies, which ups the flavor so there’s less need for salt or rich toppings. Breville’s immersion circulator stays in place with magnets, works with any pot and is a chef’s favorite. (Note: You don’t need a vacuum sealer to cook sous vide, but it makes things easier. Try this FoodSaver model).

Soup Maker For Quick, Nourishing Meals

For super easy and tasty soups without the constant stirring and monitoring, this multi-tasker gets the job done. Just toss in your ingredients, push a button—you can choose from puree, chunky or cold soups, compote, smoothies and milk-based soup—and in less than twenty minutes you’ll have a batch that serves four, perfectly blended and heated to the right texture and temperature.

Handy Herb Infuser For Healthier Oils And Spreads

This genius infusion machine lets you makes butters, oils and even honey and milk with your favorite antioxidant-rich herbs, flowers, spices, or fruit, for fresh results minus any of the preservatives you often find in store-bought versions.

SodaStream To Keep You Well Hydrated

If one your goals is to drink more water but you actually don’t like the taste of it, consider a SodaStream: The compact machine turns regular H20 into sparkling, carbonated water—which has a robust, very appealing fizz—that you can flavor with a squeeze of lemon, lime or a variety of mix-in drops.

Easy Orange Juicer For Vitamin-C-Packed Sips

If you want fresh, vitamin-rich juice without the hassle of squeezing or investing in a large juicer, this is a simple, no-fuss solution. Two self-reversing cones squeeze every drop from your favorite citrus (the small cone is best for smaller oranges, lemons and limes, while the large cone is ideal for grapefruit).

Dessert Maker For Healthier Customized Treats

Ninja Cream, Ice Cream, Gelato, Milkshake, Sorbet, and Smoothie Bowl Maker

Ninja’s Creami is finally back in stock after being completely sold out. The innovative machine lets you make completely customized sorbets, smoothie bowls and healthier ice creams—that can be dairy-free or vegan, for example, since you control the ingredients. Simply prep your base, freeze overnight and process (bonus: everything comes in pint-size containers that store easily in the freezer).

Go-To Kitchen Gadgets And Meal Prep Tools

Five-Star Knife Set For Slicing Up Veggies And More

Cooking at home is far healthier than take-out but you can’t expect truly stellar results without the right tools. This pro set of chef knives includes all the essentials you need to make chopping, dicing and slicing stress-free (and fun).

Handy Spiralizer To Encourage Plant-Based Eating


If you want to get into more plant-based eating, consider a spiralizer for making vegetable “noodles” or thin ribbons that resemble pasta but without quite so many carbs. Chefs love it for whipping up squash, zucchini and even potato spirals that can be dressed with healthy sauces or served as a raw side dish.

Seriously Efficient Salad Spinner For Lunches And Dinners

Fresh salads are packed with nutrients but are often a pain to make at home if you have to rinse and dry the leaves. Oxo’s salad spinner simplifies and speeds up that process: the dual-chamber bowl whips the lettuce around, removing all the moisture, so you’re left with a crisp mix in minutes.

Long Lasting Food Storage Containers

You’ll want to store all the healthy food you’ve made so it stays fresh and travels easily with you to work or on trips. Porter’s 15-piece set includes everything you need from bowls, mugs, bottles, utensils and bags made from eco-friendly materials, including borosilicate glass, LFGB-certified silicone and BPA-free plastic lids.

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