20 Chocolate and Banana Desserts (+ Easy Recipes)

These chocolate and banana desserts have the perfect combination of sinful and sweet tropical flavors!

There’s nothing quite like the taste of chocolate and bananas together.

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When it comes to dessert pairings, this combo is unbeatable.

Chocolate and Banana Cupcakes

If you’re looking for some delicious recipes that feature these two amazing ingredients, you’ve come to the right place.

From banana bread pudding to chocolate banana crepes, I have tons of great ideas for you to try.

So what are you waiting for? give these chocolate and banana desserts a try!

There are mouthwatering 20 desserts to check out, so let’s get to it.

Let’s get the ball rolling with a quick and easy dessert that’s sure to please everyone!

It’s made with mashed bananas and semisweet chocolate.

This 2-ingredient cake is a fudgy, naturally sweet treat that can be enjoyed as-is or with your favorite toppings.

Best of all, it comes together in just minutes with no baking required.

It’s perfect for when you need something sweet but don’t have a lot of time to spare.

And because it only uses bananas and chocolate, it’s super healthy!

So go ahead and indulge yourself. This banana chocolate cake is good for you. Well, kid or.

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This dessert looks like brownies, but it hides a secret within. In reality, it’s a double chocolate banana cake.

This cake is so moist and fluffy, you won’t be able to resist it. You’ll want to make it again and again!

It’s perfect for a special occasion.

Because it’s super easy, you can also make it anytime you have chocolate and ripe bananas on hand.

These bars are blondies taken to the next level. They’re just as fudgy and ooey-gooey, but the flavors are out of this world.

Sweetened with browned sugar, these bars have hints of caramel to them.

The bananas add a tropical, fruity sweetness, while the chocolate chips add a delicious touch of richness.

I’ve made these for my family and friends a lot of times, and they were always a hit!

What’s better than aromatic, moist, and fluffy banana bread? Easy: chocolate banana bread.

Aside from all the things you love about banana bread, this one is even more exceptional because of the added chocolate flavor.

And when I say it’s flavored with chocolate, I don’t just mean chocolate chips scattered throughout the bread.

The batter itself is infused with cocoa powder. Plus, it’s not just dotted with chocolate chips, but covered entirely with them!

Classic brownies are awesome, but not nearly as awesome as these chocolate banana brownies.

Adding ripe bananas to brownie batter yields extra moist and extra sweet brownies that are 10 times more addictive.

If you’re looking for a new way to add oomph to the traditional dessert, this recipe is a great way to do it.

It’ll make your taste buds go bananas, for sure!

These are moist and fluffy chocolate banana cupcakes with silky chocolate buttercream on top!

Double the chocolate, double the fun.

Despite being very chocolate-forward, though, you’ll love how these cupcakes aren’t overwhelmingly rich.

The ripe bananas both complement and balance out the decadence of the chocolate.

The buttercream is chocolatey, but not too sweet.

The cocoa powder adds a little bit of bitterness that dials down the sugar, giving you a perfectly balanced dessert.

A crisp and flaky pie crust is loaded with chocolate, whipped cream, and sweet bananas. mmm.

This pie is incredibly sweet, creamy, and chocolatey!

Here’s the best part: prep time only takes 10 minutes, and there’s no baking involved.

Yep, with this recipe, you get to delight in a sweet and delectable pie without even turning on your oven.

These cookies are soft, chewy, and bursting with sweet bananas and chocolate chips.

Ordinary chocolate chip cookies are already addictive enough as they are.

Imagine how much more they’d be when you add sweet bananas to the picture.

No, wait, scratch that. You don’t have to imagine it. Just try this recipe and experience the magic yourself!

Looking for your newest go-to breakfast on the go? These banana chocolate chip muffins are it.

They’re moist and fluffy with a tender crumb.

The combo of sweet bananas and chocolate chips will hit you right in the feels.

I mean, this is breakfast comfort food at its best!

If you’re looking for a dessert that’ll make you feel like a kid again, look no further than chocolate banana ice cream.

What’s not to love? It’s sweet, creamy, fun, and flavorful.

While the flavor is primarily chocolate, it’s not one-note.

The addition of ripe bananas gives the ice cream a tropical sweetness you won’t get anywhere else.

As a bonus, this ice cream only requires three ingredients to make! impressive, amirite?

These aren’t just your ordinary pancakes, folks.

The mashed bananas in the batter create a subtle hint of sweetness.

And the chocolate chips provide a deliciously indulgent touch.

These pancakes taste amazing.

But they also pack a nutritional punch thanks to the potassium-rich bananas and antioxidant-filled dark chocolate.

Top your pancakes with sliced ​​bananas and a drizzle of honey for an extra dose of decadence.

I’m not drooling, you are.

These chocolate banana waffles are another fantastic way to start the day!

From the crisp exterior and fluffy interior to the ever-delightful banana-chocolate flavor, these waffles are simply divine.

Top them with sliced ​​bananas and a drizzle of chocolate syrup for an indulgent breakfast.

Or, turn them into a decadent dessert topped with ice cream or whipped cream.

Made with layers of wafer cookies, bananas, and chocolate banana cream pudding, this dessert is utterly delicious.

If you’ll notice from the layers, this pudding requires no cooking or baking at all.

Just assemble the layers in a pretty trifle bowl and refrigerate.

The hardest part is waiting for it to chill! It’s best served a day after, but it’s okay if you dig into it after 1 hour.

This trifle is loaded with chocolate cake bits, peanut butter banana pudding, banana slices, and whipped cream.

It’ll surely knock your socks off.

Here’s another trifle recipe that you’ll absolutely want to bookmark.

You’ll love the sweet, salty, and nutty flavors the peanut butter adds to the mix.

It’s a cinch to make, to boot. So, the next time you crave pudding, skip the store-bought kind and make this one at home!

Looking to add a tropical twist to the classic chocolate truffles? This recipe is the answer.

These truffles feature crumbled banana bread mixed with cream cheese for the base.

It’s a unique twist, for sure, and it absolutely delivers.

Covered in silky chocolate, these truffles get the perfectly smooth and crunchy outer shell.

They’re scrumptious both inside and out.

Nobody wants to wake up extra early in the morning to whip up an elaborate breakfast.

That’s where these overnight oat parfaits come in.

A medley of oats, yogurt, chocolate, and bananas, these parfaits are creamy and packed with flavor.

They’re equally nutritious and delicious, making them the perfect breakfast or mid-day snack.

Can’t decide between a chocolate banana cream pie and a cheesecake?

Just combine the two and make the ultimate dessert mash-up!

This 5-layer dessert is complete with a crumbly crust, chocolate mousse, cheesecake filling, chocolate ganache, and whipped cream.

With the sweetness of bananas and chocolate and the decadence of a cheesecake, this dessert is the stuff of legends.

Looking for a healthier alternative to donuts? This recipe is for you.

Okay, they may look like donuts, but they’re actually banana bread with chocolate glaze on top.

Tricked you! And I’m pretty sure these donuts will trick your kids, too.

They’re so delectable they won’t even notice they’re not real donuts.

Here’s another recipe that transforms a decadent dessert into a healthier, yet equally delicious one.

The use of bananas and chocolate in these cookies doesn’t only add flavor and texture, but nutritional value as well.

These cookies may not be the healthiest snack in the book.

But they’re definitely more wholesome than ordinary chocolate chip cookies.

This last recipe combines scones and banana bread, making one epic breakfast dessert.

Soft, tender, yet flaky, these scones are like the love child between a biscuit and a muffin.

The batter is infused with mashed bananas and packed with chocolate chips. In short, they taste amazing.

To top it all off, the scones are drizzled with a luscious vanilla glaze.

It doesn’t only add sweetness but makes the scones five times more appetizing.

Chocolate and Banana Desserts

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