25 Easy Paleo Ground Beef Recipes to Try for Dinner

These Paleo ground beef recipes will let you enjoy comfort foods like pasta and casseroles while on a diet!

The dishes may be targeted at Paleo dieters, but they’re for the whole family to enjoy.

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Going on a Paleo diet doesn’t have to be such a struggle.

If you think you’re required to buy expensive ingredients to get you started, think again.

Korean Ground Beef and Broccoli Bowl

Thanks to affordable and versatile ingredients like ground beef, you get to eat delicious “diet” food without burning a hole in your pocket.

And mind you, these dishes aren’t plain and bland at all.

With these Paleo ground beef recipesyou can have an entire burger or a bowl of chili, and still, stay true to your diet.

Hungry yet? Let’s get to it!

One of the things I love so much about ground beef is how easily it cooks.

Also, there’s no need to chop or slice it anymore! It’s every busy bee’s dream protein to work with.

This stir-fry comes together so quickly. You only need 20 minutes with prepping the veggies and making the sauce included.

More importantly, it tastes good, with a medley of beef, mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, and sugar snap peas.

This stir-fry has an amazing flavor and textural variety.

Serve it over cauliflower rice and enjoy.

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This Mexican ground beef is full of flavor and a heat level that everybody can handle.

Here, the beef is joined by bell peppers, onion, diced tomatoes, and a whole lot of spices.

It’s good enough on its own, but the things you can use it with are limitless!

Whether you eat it with cauliflower rice or use it as a taco or burrito filling, you can’t go wrong.

This Korean beef bowl is another family-friendly meal that’ll only take you 20 minutes to make.

Coconut aminos and fish sauce are infused in the ground beef, giving it a wonderful mix of sweet and salty flavors.

Simply fill your bowl with cauliflower rice, Korean ground beef, and your choice of vegetables, and voila.

Traditional beef and broccoli is great, but if you’re in a time crunch, try this recipe instead.

Ground beef cooks faster than beef cubes or strips, which means you won’t need as much time to whip up this version.

As an added bonus, this recipe comes with instructions on how to make spicy chili lime mayonnaise. It’s the perfect creamy dressing on top!

These sloppy Joes are just as mouthwatering and scrumptious as the real thing. They’re 10 times more wholesome, though.

Whoever said you can’t have comfort food on a Paleo diet has yet to try this recipe.

Seasoned with maple syrup, coconut aminos, mustard, and spices, the mixture is a heavenly mix of sweet and umami-rich flavors.

Serve sloppy Joes on top of paleo rolls and mmm… *chef’s kiss*.

It’s hamburger in soup form, and it’s divine.

With this dish, you get ground beef, diced tomatoes, green beans, and banana peppers all in one bowl.

Oh, and the savory beef broth doesn’t disappoint, either! It does a wonderful job of tying all the flavors together.

So you see, this burger is still pretty epic, even without the bun.

This dish had me ate bacon.

It has three of the most delectable comfort foods known to man: bacon, cheeseburger, and casserole.

To say this bake is delicious is an understatement.

The best part is it’s mouthwatering, even without having any dairy in it.

A cheesy cheeseburger casserole without the cheese? You’d better believe it.

This casserole isn’t just healthy and tasty, but it’s also a great way to use up all those leftover veggies sitting in your fridge.

It’s versatile enough that you can throw in whatever vegetable you can think of, and it’ll still taste good.

You also get to decide what toppings will go on the casserole.

Just as long as you use dairy-free ingredients, you’re good to go.

I don’t understand why some people can’t get on board with cauliflower. It’s so versatile and so good!

You won’t believe how creamy and cheesy this casserole is, even though it doesn’t call for cream or cheese.

Here, the ground beef and cauliflower foils are topped with a blanket of sauce.

It’s made with almond milk, mayonnaise, and nutritional yeast, then mixed with arrowroot flour to thicken it.

Between the perfectly seasoned ground beef and crunchy-tender bell peppers, it’s hard to decide what to love more in this dish.

These peppers are sensational as they are. But, if you care to make them more special, it’s easy.

Just top them with guacamole, dairy-free sour cream, and salsa. yum.

Made with grass-fed burger patties and grain-free buns, these Paleo burgers taste just as good as traditional burgers.

The use of quality, wholesome ingredients makes them an even better option, not just for Paleo dieters, but for everyone in general.

These burgers also come with a sweet and salty sauce as well as thick bacon slices. They’re everything you can ask for, and more!

No one would go on a diet and think they can eat lasagna. With this recipe, nothing’s impossible.

This Paleo lasagna has layers of zucchini sheets, beef sauce, and a cashew bechamel sauce.

While the layers are made with good-for-you ingredients, they’re not bland and boring at all.

This Paleo taco meat will be your newest go-to filling or mix-in to taco salads, wraps, and bowls!

Seasoned with cumin, onion, garlic, chili, and chipotle pepper, this ground beef will absolutely knock your socks off.

The perfect balance of salty, savory, smoky, and spicy flavors is divine.

The best part is that it only takes 6 minutes to make. That has to be a world record, right?

These enchiladas are hearty, meaty, beefy, and absolutely delicious. They’re also good for you.

With healthy ingredients such as lean ground beef, avocados, and Paleo tortillas, you can enjoy scrumptious enchiladas without guilt.

The recipe also comes with instructions for a paleo-friendly sauce.

Seasoned with cumin and chili powder, it’ll definitely bring on the heat!

Even without the beans, this Paleo chili will be a tremendous hit.

The combination of ground beef and colorful veggies is enough to make this chili a crowd-pleaser.

Seasoned with chili powder, cumin, and oregano, this chili is a beautiful harmony of savory and smoky.

This recipe is a fantastic way to eat spaghetti without carbs. It’s all thanks to a little something called spaghetti squash.

This pasta alternative is for you if you like a little bit of sweetness in your dish.

Drenched in a thick and beefy bolognese sauce, this pasta is a fun mix of savory and sweet.

The absence of carbs in this pizza means more meat for you!

Don’t be fooled. While this pizza doesn’t have any meat toppings at all, it’s still undeniably meaty.

That’s because the crust itself is made out of meat!

Instead of flour and water, you’ll use a mix of ground beef and pork seasoned with spices.

Enjoy all your favorite Tex-Mex flavors in one phenomenal taco salad!

Filled with kale, ground beef, tomatoes, onions, and mashed avocado, this salad is a powerhouse of flavors and textures.

Feel free to add more Mexican mix-ins like corn, olives, salsa, and dairy-free sour cream, you name it.

This casserole is filled with ground beef, salsa, and cauliflower rice all held together with eggs.

It’s a rich, hearty, and savory bake your whole family will enjoy.

It may look and taste like a restaurant-quality dish, but it’s a cinch to make. It all comes together in one skillet!

This copycat quesadilla crunch wrap supreme is just as good as the OG, but it’s healthier.

Taco Bell is shaking!

It’s filled with ground beef flavored with taco seasoning, avocado slices, tomatoes, and corn. These quesadillas are supreme, indeed.

If you’re looking for the perfect Paleo appetizer, you’ve just found it.

These zucchini boats are generously topped with a beefy tomato sauce and baked to perfection.

Made even extra with nutritional yeast, red pepper flakes, and fresh basil, these boats are definitely the bomb.

This meatloaf is savory, sweet, and simply delicious.

Even without breadcrumbs, this meatloaf still manages to hold its shape.

And even if it uses Paleo ketchup, it still tastes just like a traditional meatloaf.

It’s so good no one will even notice it’s Paleo!

These Italian meatballs are so juicy and savory, one just isn’t enough.

They’re infused with Italian seasonings, herbs, and spices, and bathed in a sweet and tangy marinara. One bite of these meatballs will blow your tastebuds away.

A mix of chopped-up zucchini and ground beef, this casserole is a perfect balance of umami-rich and fresh flavors.

The base is great, but the sauce on top is what steals the show.

It’s made with heavy cream, sour cream, spices, and herbs, so how can it not be?

As if that wasn’t good enough, the casserole is also topped with mozzarella and parmesan.

It melts into ooey-gooey perfection once baked. yum.

Ground beef is flavored with coconut milk, curry, and turmeric to make the perfect Indian-inspired meat filling.

Use this dish to make rice bowls, wraps, and sandwiches, or just grab a spoon. This dish is scrumptious, even on its own.

Paleo Ground Beef Recipes

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