5 tips to transform your kitchen into a modern cooking zone

Even if not a lot, most of us spend some time in the kitchen almost daily. From quickly putting together a nice breakfast to preparing meals for friends and family, it is one place that is considered an important part of the house. When setting up the kitchen, aesthetics are usually the first thing that comes to mind. While deciding on the design elements is important for many, it’s equally necessary to consider whether your setup is practical.

“Even the smallest of details when picking up kitchen products and design elements can make a huge difference. It’s just as vital to think about the safety and upkeep of your design as it is to think about the aesthetics,” says Tobby Thomas, marketing director at a home decor company.

Tips to transform your kitchen

Whether you are starting from scratch or refurbishing, here’s a list of fail-safe tips that’ll help you transform your kitchen into a modern cooking space:

Fire safety is a must

When designing a kitchen with modern decor, the safety of those who use this space, whether family, friends or house help, is a must. India has a high rate of accidents due to fire. And since your kitchen will have a range of equipment like stove, induction, toaster, oven, microwave, and other electric appliances, it is more important than ever to ensure that the materials you use are safe and do not aggravate fire. So, always opt for the material that is fire resistant. For instance, using steel and stainless steel kitchens is always recommended to minimize fire risk.

Pay special attention to touch safety

As the kitchen is a place where food is prepared, all items should be safe for consumption. It should not be hazardous. For instance, today, many people have started using plywood for kitchen decor. Usually, plywood has an element called formaldehyde, which is harmful to health. It is especially dangerous for small children, who could consume this chemical after carelessly touching surfaces while crawling or walking throughout the house. However, some brands produce plywood without added formaldehyde. It’s a safer alternative. Hence, make sure all the materials you use in the kitchen are safe to touch.

Pick products and materials that can be cleaned

Hygiene is one of the most important aspects of almost every kitchen. In India, we usually use water to clean most products and spaces. So, ensure that the products and materials you pick for your kitchen are water resistant. Otherwise, they would become rusty and spoil much sooner.

Also, since the pandemic, most of us make sure to keep our surroundings clean. While splashing and cleaning with water is one way, some people use steam cleaning to eliminate germs. Therefore, when selecting products or decor for your kitchen, make sure it is steam friendly too.

Opt for quality, and low-maintenance materials

One of the reasons for switching to a modern kitchen is to eliminate maintenance woes. Your kitchen design shouldn’t include any equipment or materials that are prone to breakdown or periodic maintenance and repairs. Therefore, it is crucial to examine the engineering and quality of all the products, particularly kitchen modules and fittings.

Get creative and organize it well

Due to today’s hectic lifestyles, not everyone has the luxury of spending a great deal of time in the kitchen. Therefore, it should be structured and organized well to improve cooking and meal preparation efficiency.

For a well-organized kitchen, having a good design is the key. So, start by mapping out basic elements like planning the storage area for dry food and wet food, placement of your fridge, etc. By doing this, you can ensure all the kitchen essentials are within easy reach. Last but not least, having well-built pull-out units, a dishwasher system, and other equipment will make your cooking and kitchen chores much more efficient.

to sum up

“Designing a modern kitchen space is much more than copying decor trends or just adding high-tech equipment. Focus on crafting your kitchen with the best quality materials, all while ensuring you save space. Using pop-out prep boards, foldaway trolleys, and wall-mounted storage are some smart storage solutions that will add much-needed convenience to your kitchen. Most importantly, ensure all the products you use are fire safe, touch safe, and can be maintained easily,” Thomas adds.


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