7 Amazon Shopping Tips to Save More Money

Getting the most out of one’s money has never been easier on Amazon.

Whether it’s regular household items, gadgets, or specialty items, Amazon is often the go-to for finding what one needs. It offers an array of items and a platform for customers to do their own research based on other buyers’ reviews and make a sound, informed decision before purchasing. But more than that, there are several Amazon shopping tips that help customers save more money in the long run.

On top of regular price cuts and sale events such as Prime Day, customers can actually get a bang for the buck with these Amazon shopping tips from money-saving experts and shoppers.

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Ways on How to Save More Money on Amazon

1. Sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is Amazon’s paid membership program that provides an array of benefits for customers, including same-day, one, or two-day delivery, free shipping, and other free digital services such as Prime Music, Prime Video, and Prime Gaming, among others. Amazon Prime comes with free delivery, exclusive deals, discounts on prescription medication, and more. Those who sign up get one month for free before the $14.99 per month or $139 fee kicks in. Students even get a discounted rate of $7.49 monthly.

2. Take advantage of Subscribe & Save

Amazon Subscribe & Save is a unique program that lets customers “subscribe” to regularly scheduled deliveries of items such as household products. Perfect for large families that usually run through detergent, kitchen staples, and living essentials, Amazon Subscribe & Save lets customers save up to 15% if they order five or more products in one auto-delivery and unlock extra savings on other eligible subscriptions.

3. Don’t rush on shipping

Fun fact: Amazon actually rewards its customers for selecting slower delivery options. According to Reader’s Digest, Amazon Prime members who choose free, no-rush shipping instead of the usual two-day shipping are provided with special discounts applied to an order and a promotional credit given to the customer’s account. It’s a great way to collect rewards, especially when a customer is not in a rush to get their hands on their purchases.

4. Clip Amazon Coupons before adding items to cart

One of the most overlooked Amazon shopping tips is to clip coupons that can be found on certain items before adding them to the cart. Good Housekeeping recommends checking out special coupon codes under the “Special Offers” section on a product page. These Amazon Coupons can then be used to save up to 15% to $20 or $2 to $10, depending on the items.

5. Apply for the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card

Android Police highlights the importance of cashbacks when shopping on Amazon, as these can be forwarded to discounts for future purposes. The Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card offers 3% cash back on Amazon.com and Whole Foods Market, as well as 2% cash back at gas stations, restaurants, and other entities, which, when accumulated, can create bigger discounts in the long run .

6. Peep those Epic Daily Deals

If you’re always on Amazon, peep their Epic Daily Deals for surprise discounts on tech gadgets and other products that offer short-time discounts.

7. Check out Amazon Warehouse and Amazon Outlet

Finally, don’t miss out on Amazon Outlet, a section that curates overstock and clearance items, from electronics to kitchen gadgets, clothing to home decor, and more. For those who want to virtually rummage through bins, check out the Amazon Warehouse, which offers great discounts on quality used, pre-owned, or open box items.

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