Best cordless lamps 2022: Battery powered and rechargeable lamps


ood lighting at home can be transformative, whether that’s stringing up fairy lights in the bedroom, or punctuating living room furniture with floor and table lamps.

That said, all those wires can be unsightly, as well as overloading your plugs and posing a potential trip hazard.

Reminiscent of jazz bars and spotted in every new restaurant opening up in the capital, a new type of lamp is making a play for a spot in your home: the cordless kind.

Infusing your chosen spot with a warming pool of light, these wireless designs are ideal for placing in areas with limited or non-existent mains output, as well as cutting down on energy use. As you’re only using them when needed there’s no need to leave them plugged in and on standby, known to be a hidden drain on power. Some are battery operated while others are USB rechargeable and most feature long-lasting LED bulbs to help them last even longer.

From vintage styles to modern looks, there are plenty of cordless lamps to welcome into your home. We’re shining a spotlight on the best designs to buy now and give your home the warm, welcoming atmosphere you’ve been dreaming of.

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Abigail Ahern Maeve LED Lamp – Medium

Abigail Ahern

Designer Abigail Ahern’s style is hard to pin down: a bit boho, a little industrial, a sprinkling of Scandi. While the site is heaving with furniture and home accessories we want to fill our homes with, there are plenty of jewels to pick up in the lighting section too. This curious shell-shaped lamp is amongst them, available in medium and large (£35). A single LED lights up the amber-colored glass, emitting a warm glow. Nice as a bedside lamp or to brighten up a bookshelf.

House of Charcoal gray rechargeable table lamp

house of

A lamp that offers something to look at even when it’s turned off is a beautiful thing. In fact, it’s a work of art. This portable and rechargeable design is a collaboration between House of and Swoon, and sees a glowing ball sit within a charcoal glass bowl. The celestial look comes with a two year guarantee.

Abigail Ahern Toni LED Lamp – Tortoiseshell

Abigail Ahern

Make dark corners more inviting in a flash thanks to Abigail Ahern’s curious tortoiseshell patterned lamp. There’s no need to worry if the cable will reacha plug point, as this cordless design does away with it altogether. The glass design adds a style to coffee tables, and if it’s dry outside in the garden or balcony too. Chic AF.

MJ PREMIER Cordless Table Lamp


Powered by two AAA batteries, this glass and metal hurricane-style lamp is an easy way to install light in dark spots without the need for an accessible plug point. The fact that the design comes with a 6h and 18h ​​timer so you don’t even need to remember to turn it off is a touch of genius.

Pauleen Pretty Glamor LED table lamp, battery


Another glass design with a metal base, the chevron pattern adds a style element that works year round. The battery-operated style makes a nice alternative to candles at the dinner table or ambient low light in the bedroom. Needs two AA batteries.

Light & Living Olive Green Ribbed Glass Battery Powered Table Lamp

Light & Living

From drinking cups to vases, ribbed glass instantly elevates a design. This sculptural table lamp has a private member’s club aesthetic that will work seamlessly in all corners of your home, as well as in the garden for garden parties too. It runs on both batteries as well as a USB charge.

Williston Forge 30cm Cordless Table Lamp

Williston Forge

Not only is this lamp cordless, but it comes with a carry handle too, making it even more portable. The yellow frosted glass dials up the cosiness in any room that needs it. There’s also a six hour timer function, helpful if you want light on and off automatically. Requires three AAA batteries.

Hertford Battery Operated Ambient Lamp


Fitted with a long-life LED bulb that can run for up to five years based on a 10 hour daily usage, Next’s champagne-coloured glass lamp adds style points to your interiors. The battery-powered lamp features a balloon-like shade, amplifying the light even further.

ACMHNC Cordless LED Battery Table Lamp


Planning a romantic dinner? The last thing you want to worry about when you’re ferrying courses in from the kitchen is tripping over wires. This table lamp bypasses that issue. It runs on batteries and can be dimmed, while the paneled shade and metal stand gives it a lovely vintage vibe.

Hapfish Store Battery Operated Table Lamps for Living Room

Hapfish Store

Sleek and simple, this tall table lamp floods the surface with illumination, offering a pool of light where you need it, whether you’re reading in your favorite socket-free nook or finishing up a WFH day. The brightness is adjustable to three settings and in the base is a rechargeable 8000mAh USB powered battery so there’s no need to keep buying batteries. It even comes with a remote for easy operation.

Mydethun 3D Moon Lamp with 5.9 Inch Wooden Base


Stargazers will adore this orb light which allows you to gaze at the moon, even on cloudy nights. Available in four sizes, the light sits on a wooden frame base and is an incredibly realistic rendering of our closest celestial body – it’s been designed on astronomical data from NASA. Ideal for kid’s bedrooms and space geeks homes alike, the rechargeable lamp offers a range of color and brightness settings. Once fully charged for two hours, it can last for eight hours straight. How’s that for star power?

Briloner Everywhere LED floor lamp, USB with battery, black


If you’re looking for a larger portable lamp, this floor standing design could be the answer to your wishes. Available in white as well as black, the slim design houses a rechargeable battery which can be topped up with power with the included USB cable when it’s running low on juice. What’s more, the head can be detached and moved to a wall bracket if you want power in a dark area, like a shed. A full battery offers three hours of illumination in brightness that ranges from white light to bright daylight.


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