Best electric can openers 2022 to get into tins with ease


hen kitting out your kitchen, there is one humble item that is often forgotten among the purchasing of pots, pans, toasters and kettles – and you only know when it’s too late.

A can opener is a stape but if you’ve struggled cracking into cans with one of the manual cranks or you’ve spent more time than you’d like to admit trying to life the lid of your baked beans tin (and been left with cut hands and only a semi-opened can with beans spilling out everywhere), it’s time to go electric.

Manual can openers can be difficult to use – they are often hard to maneuver and require patience and perseverance. They can leave cans with sharp edges, make the lid fall into the contents of the can and may even leave your fingers and hands aching from the movements. Making the switch to an electric opener will be a game changer.

Fast, safe and easy to use, an electric can opener will do the work for you, leaving any injuries or mess out of the equation. They are a great option for those who with mobility difficulties, suffer from arthritis or grip issues, or just those who can’t quite get their head around complicated openers or need a little more horsepower.

The benefits of an electric can opener

  • Easy to operate – normally with just a tap of a button.
  • Time-saving – your can will be open in seconds.
  • Safe to use – avoid any cuts or strains.
  • Suitable for all ages and strength abilities.
  • Can be used on most can sizes, will open the stiffest lids and leave them with smooth edges.

What to look for in an electric can opener

There are different types: choose from a handheld or a larger opener to stand on your kitchen countertop – the latter will often have a couple of other functions built-in too.

Lightweight and compact: If opting for a handheld electric can opener, ensure it is lightweight, comfortable to hold and easy to pack away into your kitchen drawer or cupboard. For a larger free-standing can opener, choose one that will look smart on the side to keep your surfaces tidy.

easy to clean: Keep your equipment fresh to maintain kitchen hygiene. Wipe clean or dishwasher-safe parts will make this a breeze.

Now read our round-up to help you choose the best electric can opener…

Culinary One Touch Can Opener


Grab your hands on this handy little kitchen gadget and make your food prep a smooth experience from start to finish. One touch on the device and the electric motor will automatically open the can, cutting around the sides to avoid any sharp edges – just press to stop once complete. Two AA batteries and minimum effort required.

ProCook Automatic Can Opener


Place over a can of baked beans, sweetcorn or whatever’s on your dinner menu and with a simple push of the button, the can will be opened for you – no mess, no hassle. And when you lift the handle, the lid will come with it too, thanks to the magnet mechanism. An essential piece of kitchenware for uncomplicated cooking.

Kenwood 3-in-1 Electric Can Opener


Make this your favorite kitchen companion with its multifunctional capabilities. It can open cans of all sizes as well as boasts an integrated knife sharpener and bottle opener. Simple to use, prop your can underneath and the device will automatically remove the lid. Features a removable hand and blade for easy cleaning.

Cooks Professional Electric Can Opener


A nifty appliance to have in your kitchen drawer, use this to effortlessly open your canned goods. Using a one-touch operation system, the device will spin the can around, removing the lid and leaving you with your ingredients ready to cook. Great for those who need (or just want) the hard work removed from the process.

Morphy Richards Multifunction Can Opener

Morphy Richards

This slick black electric can opener will do the hard work for you. Simply place the can underneath the cutting unit, press the lever down and be amazed as the opener rotates around the can to reveal the contents within. Featuring a wipe-clean body and dishwasher-safe parts, it really is a joy to work with. The device can also be used for opening jars, bottle tops, lids and hard-shell plastic packing.

JML Hands-Free Automatic Can Opener


Take the faff out of opening cans with JML’s smart utensil. Whether struggling with joint and muscle aches or in need of a safe and mess-free way to open your cans, this is operated through the touch of a button to make your life a breeze. The built-in magnet will then take the lid off cleanly for you and voilà.

Swan Electric Can Opener


Got a tricky can to open? Leave it to the experts. Experts in all things kitchenware, British brand Swan has created an easy electric can opener to take the stress (and mess) away from the cooking process. Pop your can underneath and hey presto, it will be automatically opened. The extra built-in knife sharpener and bottle opener make this a multifunctional device.

Tower Presto 4 in 1 Can Opener


This is a hands-free can opener but it does much more than that. Tower’s innovative device also features a useful bottle opener and knife sharpener. It is compatible with cans of different sizes and has a cord storage section to keep your kitchen surfaces clear and free from any safety hazards. A must have in busy households.

Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

Kitchen Mama

Never lift a finger again when it comes to opening fiddly cans by investing in Kitchen Mama’s electric opener which will do the hard work for you. A simple design with comfy rounded edges, it will fit easily into the palm of your hand. Choose from one of the many funky colors and touch the start/stop button for convenience.

Judge 3-in-1 Electric Can Opener


Get three for the price of one with this can opener that has thrice the fun with a knife sharpener and bottle opener too. All fit into a compact unit to save you space and time in your kitchen, put to use for opening cans up to 1.1kg in weight. The cleverly designed opener will remove the lid, while a strong magnet holds the can in place to avoid any spillages. Easy to clean to maintain in tip-top shape.


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