Best gas hobs of 2022 for all budgets


hese days there are three types of hobs on offer: gas, electric and induction. If you’re reading this, then chances are you’ve already decided to go with gas and that means you’re in the majority, as it’s still the most popular type of cooking hob in the UK.

It’s easy to see why. For starters, a gas hob will have real flames, so adjustments are both visual and instantaneous. Need a lot of heat? Turn it up. Something about to boil over? Turn it down. simple.

Once upon a time, you’d always find a big box of Cook’s Matches near the hob, because lighting the gas was the first thing to do before you could get leven. Happily, those days are over, as modern gas hobs are self-igniting, which means they’ll come on without a match in sight.

What should you look out for in a gas hob?

The other thing that all gas hobs have in common is the controls. There’s none of this push-button stuff, just plain old physical knobs. They also usually come in standard widths of, most often, 60cm, but there is variation, so be sure to measure the space where it will go before you put your card to the reader. Likewise, while most gas hobs have stainless steel surfaces, it’s now possible to get a glass top instead, which looks 21st century and is easier to clean – though it usually means a heftier price tag.

How many burners do they come with?

There are a few other things to consider. For instance, how many burners are you likely to need and what sizes will you find most useful? The standard is four, usually with two medium-sized, one small and one larger, but some do come with a fifth, which will be the biggest of all, so it’s useful for stir-frying in a wok or if you’re cooking for the masses. And some have variations on the four-burner sizes, so it’s worth taking a moment to think about the size of your pans and what kind of cooking you do so you get the right match. You can even get one with just two burners, handy if you’re a smug singleton who doesn’t have the space to entertain at scale.

With energy on everyone’s mind these days, it’s also wise to look for a hob that will use fuel efficiently. And, finally, installing a gas hob is a professional’s job, so never be tempted to get a mate to bung your gas hob in for you – unless, that is, they’re Gas Safe Registered.

Shop the best gas hobs below

Samsung NA75J3030AS 75cm Gas Hob – Stainless Steel


Best for: the serious cook

It’s the countdown to Christmas dinner and you’ve got peas in one pan, cranberry sauce going in another, carrots simmering in a third and the broc steaming in a fourth. Where are you going to do the Brussels sprouts?

Don’t panic. This extra-large, five-burner gas hob from Samsung has you covered. There’s plenty of room for all your different-sized pots and room to do the gravy in the roasting pan too.

It features automatic ignition, flame-failure gas cut-off, cast-iron pan supports and intuitive control knobs. You need the extra-wide space to have this big boy installed, but it looks great and is a real workhorse. A lot of hob for the money.

BEKO HIBG6412OSX 61cm gas hob


Best for: buying on a budget

An excellent budget-conscious buy, this stainless steel gas hob features self-ignition – just press and turn the knob for instant lighting – is easy to clean and has a flame-failure device which means the gas will automatically turn off if the flame goes out.

What sets this sensibly priced integrated hob apart from the herd though, is its trademarked High Efficiency gas burner technology. What this means is that the burners have been designed to spread the heat across the bottom of your pans, so that cooking time is speeded up, but gas consumption is lower. A definite plus in these energy-conscious times.

Neff N70 Gas Hob 60cm


Best for: complete flame control

Are you a bit of a control freak? That’s OK, there’s no judgment here, but if that’s you, then this beauty is going to be worth the extra ka-ching. It features something called FlameSelect, which means you set the burner’s dial to a specific number to get just the heat required. Then, when you turn the gas off, a useful ‘H’ appears next to the relevant knob to remind you that the burner area will still be hot.

It features an easy-to-clean black glass top which will upgrade the look of your kitchen in a flash and extra-wide pan supports – handy when you want to put a hot dish straight from the oven somewhere it won’t cause havoc.

Cooke & Lewis CLGASUIT4 4 Burner Inox Stainless Steel Hob (W) 580mm

Cooke & Lewis

Best for: clever design features at a sensible price

The four burners on this stainless steel gas hob provide three useful sizes, from small to large; a safety cut-off so the gas stops if the flame goes out; automatic ignition and a soothing two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

It’s reasonably priced and a good-looker, with some thoughtful design features too, such as the largest burner being slightly away to itself and in the front. This means you don’t have to lift a big pan over another burner (if it was in the back, for instance) and you can fit a more spacious pot on it and still have room for pans on the other three burners. It all goes to making us think this one was conceived by someone who actually cooks.

Smeg Classic PX364L 60cm Stainless Steel Gas Hob


Best for: a great hob with old school good looks

A four-burner with a slightly different configuration than the standard two-by-two. This is actually a great deviation because the largest burner has plenty of room around it, and so you won’t get pans jostling for space.

It has automatic ignition, flame-failure cut-off, cast-iron pan supports which won’t wobble and can cope with supporting heavy roasts straight from the oven as well as easy-to-use numbered knobs. However, maybe best of all, though we know looks are only surface deep, it features that gorgeous Italian styling that all Smeg products have. If you want a great hob that looks lush, it’s great for the price.

Hisense GM663XB 60cm Stainless Steel Gas Hob


Best for: cooking with a wok

An excellent hob for the money. The four burners include one that’s perfect for whipping dishes up in a wok, as it’s ideally positioned at the front – so no leaning over other burners to do your stir-frying – and provides plenty of room for a pan of that size, along with a ring specially designed for this style of cooking.

The Inox stainless steel surface is easy to clean and resists fingerprints and other marks, while the cast-iron pan supports are sturdy. It features automatic ignition and the knobs make it easy to make even the smallest adjustments to the heat. One of the best at a reasonable price.

Russell Hobbs 4-Burner Stainless Steel Gas Hob

Russell Hobbs

Best for: a cost-of-living crisis buy from a reputable brand

Anything that comes with a free one-year guarantee gets the thumbs up from us, so this one has a head-start in the go-for-it column. It’s also an amazing price for a product that comes from a trusted brand.

The hob has an easy-clean stainless steel finish and, unlike many hobs, the control knobs are to the side, which could easily be a preference for some, as there’s little chance of accidentally knocking one into a different heat situation. It has automatic ignition and flame failure cut-off. If price is your main concern, this one will do the job without breaking the bank.

Russell Hobbs Midnight Collection Black Glass 4-Burner Gas Hob

Russell Hobbs

Best for: a glass finish

If the look of your kitchen is high on your list of priorities, then the Midnight Collection from Russell Hobbs could just be the answer to your decor requirements. The products all feature the same signature dark styling and this gas hob has a glossy black-glass finish, which doesn’t just look good, but cleans easily.

The four burners are in a useful configuration, with the two largest on either side, meaning there’s plenty of room for big pots to sit comfortably. It has automatic ignition, a soothing three-year guarantee and flame failure cut-off. Interior designers often suggest shiny things for small spaces, as they reflect light, so this could be the one if your kitchen in on the titchier side.

MILLAR Built-in 4 Burner Black Gas on Glass Hob


Best for: hard wearing home cooking

This 8mm toughened-glass topped gas hob has a specific wok burner – though obviously it can be used for other pans as well – so you can stir-fry to your heart’s content. The pan stands are hard-wearing cast iron and sit in little slots, so they don’t jiggle about when pots are put on them.

There’s also automatic ignition and flame failure cut-off, and the knobs come off, which makes cleaning up after spills and boil-overs easy-peasy. Millar is a small British brand, but it’s making a name for itself with well-built products that look as good as they perform.

Hobsir 2 Burners Gas Hob


Best for: small kitchen areas

Not enough room to swing a cat? This two-burner gas hob with stainless steel top will see you right. There’s a large burner and a small one, push-in ignition (so no accidental lightings by curious children) and knobs made from a plastic-metal mash-up that won’t get hot when you’re cooking.

It features flame failure cut-off and can be converted for use with natural gas or propane, in case you want to fit this in your caravan or canal boat. All the power of a big hob, but in a perfectly sized two-burner. Ideal for studios too.


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