Chanson Royale Under Sink Water Ionizer creates healthy water

Is your tap water unsuitable for drinking? Transform it into healthy, hydrogen-rich drinking water when you add the Chanson Royal Under Sink Water Ionizer.

Elevate your tap water with the Chanson Royale Under Sink Water Ionizer. This sleek water-improving system uses Himalayan salt and ionization to transform ordinary tap water into acid and alkaline water.

Is your tap water not quite mineral-water quality? You can fix that with the Chanson Royale Under Sink Water Ionizer. It transforms ordinary water into fresh, ionized alkaline water for drinking, acidic water for disinfecting, and strong alkaline water for degreasing. Let’s check it out.

Drink living water

Did you know that most drinking water isn’t very pure? According to Chanson, filtered water, water filter pitchers, bottled water, etc., still have their share of contaminants.

Tap water, for one, can contain toxic chemicals. Then, reverse osmosis systems often have filters with membranes that allow small toxins to pass through. Bottled water is about the worst with its lack of regulations.

But Chanson water is different. Its benefits go way beyond just drinkable water. In fact, this company’s ionizers produce structured water where the molecules are microclustered.

This allows them to more easily pass through the cellular membrane. Therefore, the water that this water ionizer creates passes directly to your cells, improving your workout hydration.

Turn ordinary tao water into healthy alkaline water with this premium water ionizer
Chanson Royale Under Sink Water Ionizer on display

Transform tap water into different grades

You expand your water’s capabilities when you install this water ionizer alongside your kitchen faucet. In particular, the Chanson Royale Under Sink Water Ionizer turns tap water into fresh, alkaline water, low pH acidic water, and strong alkaline water. How are they different, and what do they do? Let’s find out.

Fresh Ionized Alkaline Water

Alkaline water with a pH of 9 or higher is ideal for everyday drinking. In addition to a superior taste, it also contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and bicarbonate. Research also suggests that alkaline water can positively affect gut microbiota.

Low pH Acidic Water

Low pH Acidic Water is suitable for plant watering, moisturization, sterilization, and household cleaning. Can you imagine sterilizing your kitchen gadgets with nothing more than a water wipe instead of harsh chemicals or sticky soap?

It’s possible with the Chanson Royale Under Sink Water Ionizer. It produces low pH acidic water from any source.

Strong Alkaline Water

And what if you could decrease your pots and pans with nothing but strong alkaline water? According to Chanson’s website, strong alkaline water has degreasing effects.

So instead of scrubbing your Tupperware containers multiple times to clean them, you could eliminate the grease with just a rinse of strong alkaline water.

Read how a water ionizer works

In a nutshell, ionization means losing or gaining an electron. When tap water is ionized through electromagnetism, the carbonate gets separated from alkaline materials, creating 2 streams of water—alkaline and acidic.

Enjoy ease of use with this water purification gadget

While this water ionizer sounds complex, it’s pretty easy to operate. To get your desired water, simply select it from the control screen. The beautiful stainless steel faucet will dispense alkaline and acidic water streams right into your kitchen sink.

Receive notifications about filter life

Tired of having to write a reminder in Google Calendar about when to replace your water filter? You won’t have to do that anymore with the Chanson Royale Under Sink Water Ionizer. Its LCD screen shows your filter’s remaining life; that way, you’ll always see when it’s time to change it.

Fine tune your water depending on the source

Water isn’t the same quality everywhere. Luckily, this water ionizer boasts an auto-adjust function that adjusts to your water quality. So you get customized water settings that support the optimal filter life and self-clean functions.

Create acid water with the salt port

If you have soft water, you’ll definitely use the salt port. Just drop a piece of Himalayan rock salt into the port whenever you’d like a boost of energy or strong acid water.

Of course, use of Himalayan salt is entirely optional. You don’t need to add it to get ionized water.

Drink healthier filtered water

Meanwhile, the Chanson Royale Under Sink Water Ionizer has robust filtration. The company says it deals with lead and heavy metal ions from old plumbing. Then, thanks to a high-density surface area of ​​activated catalytic carbon, it removes contaminants like chlorine, THMs, VOCs, parasites, odors, and more.

Moreover, the 1-micron silver-filled catalytic activated carbon has a 150x larger surface area than most activated carbon filters. It’s effective at removing fluorine and other chemical substances. It also has an antibacterial effect.

Improve your tap water’s quality

If you want to improve your tap water’s quality and expand its use, the Chanson Royale Under Sink Water Ionizer is a great buy. Not only does it leave your water free of toxins, parasites, and organics, but it also creates acidic and alkaline water in your kitchen sink.

While this gadget isn’t a replacement for your kitchen faucet, it does create water with added minerals that could benefit your health and cleaning routine.

Want a Chanson Royale Under Sink Water Ionizer for yourself? Buy one for $2,995 on the official website.

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