Croma fridge: A delight in design and tech

The kitchen is no longer just a functional part of a home. These days, its decor and textures are keeping pace with the technology that makes it so efficient. Croma fridges recognize the decor angle, and come in attractive colors and textures to stand out as conversation pieces in your kitchen

A kitchen is no longer just a functional part of a home. It is an integral part of the living space. Given the high cost of space in cities, it is not possible to accommodate a dining room in a house for all. This invariably leads to the dining space being pushed into the kitchen area. Also, with modern architecture and interior decor optimizing the carpet area available to get as much of living space as possible, the kitchen too comes into play while planning the layout. All this has led to the kitchen turning into an integral part of the living space.

The kitchen has now become a family area of ​​sorts. It is a space for a quick meal, a hangout with friends, space to indulge in festive delicacies and, of course, a functional dining room. This means the kitchen decor is as important as the living room’s aesthetics. It is no surprise then that people are spending more on this essential part of the house. And quick to cater to the demand are organizations involved in kitchen appliances, gadgets and electronics.

Refrigerator in decor

The most prominent appliance in any kitchen is the refrigerator. The fridge (as we all call it) occupies pride of place. It is also the largest and most-used of all appliances in the kitchen. A fridge is a delight of children for the treats it holds and a go-to place to raid for the hungry who cannot wait till the next meal is served. Whether its an unexpected guest, a mid-night hunger pang or the daily cooking, the fridge holds the key.

Gone are the days when this crucial appliance was just functional. Just plain white, the fridge wasn’t meant to do anything more than cool. Now, it is as much an object of decor as a functional appliance. Croma refrigerators get in the decor aspect as effectively as the technology that makes them superior.

Croma decor advantage

The Croma refrigerator has the style and detail to serve as focal points in a modern kitchen. The kitchen itself has a style quotient in detail, layout and colour. The gadgets, therefore, need to add texture to the interiors. Croma fridges serve as conversation pieces, often dominating the decor scheme. They come with exquisite detailing, in bright and vibrant colours, and can work both as contrast or blend in any kitchen decor.

In line with decor

A Croma fridge takes into account the decor angle as intrinsic to the role it plays. Croma fridges come in a variety of colors to go with the hues and texture schemes of the kitchen. If the scheme is steel with shades of black and brown, there is the Croma range in silver and black inox that will blend in well.

In a backdrop of white and pastel shades – either granite or wood finish – the wine red fridge is a standout conversation piece.

These fridges come in shades that can either blend or stand out in contrast to create a focal point. With the state-of-the-art technology and functions being a given part of the deal, it is this decor angle that makes all the difference. Croma fridges go the extra mile to create a kitchen with a pleasant ambience. They make the kitchen an inviting space and a part of the home that gives you that break you always need from the hectic paced life outside.

Tech for outstanding performance

Croma fridges come with all the features you can ask for to make your kitchen an efficient space and life comfortable. Double door, frost free, quick cooling, multi air flow system, side-by-side refrigerator, and extended warranty, make these a good buy.

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