Due To The Increase In The Rates Of The Central Bank, The Government Increased The Interest Paid In Installments

In its latest update, the Now 12 program added new items

Due to the increase in active interest rates by the central bank following a spurt in inflation in recent months, The government has now decided to raise the cost of financing in installations through the program.,

As published this Tuesday in the Official Gazette headed by the Secretary of Commerce Mattias TomboliniNew reference number for financing in 24 installations through official scheme will be 59% annuallybelow the rate of inflation.

“According to the recent development of monetary policy rates of the Central Bank, an autocratic entity within the purview of the Ministry of the Economy, and the national state policy for the reconciliation of interest rates, It is considered necessary to optimize their structure”, noted the decree.

The government also decided to increase the cost of financing in installations through 12 now program after re-adjustment of rates fixed by BCRA.

“That, on the basis of this, it is considered appropriate to modify the financial conditions of the program with an increase in the discount factor such that the equivalent average annual nominal interest rate would be 59.08% for financing in 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 fixed installations“He continued.

In this sense, the Ministry of Commerce indicated that “the planned financing rate is meant to be an incentive to promote the sale of locally manufactured products and, therefore, is convenient for both suppliers and businesses, as well as consumers.” “executive power.

25% of credit card transactions in the second quarter now 12. shopping with

In early July, the government had confirmed the expansion of the Now 12 program. by 31 Jan 2023, Installment payment program added new items. Among them, plays and concerts by national artists to the extent of $20,000. According to data from Prisma Means of Payment Index, now 12. shop with Accounted for 25% of credit card transactions in the second quarter of the year.

Thus, the 12 items now included in the plan are:

, white lineAir conditioners, air conditioners and/or ventilation, dishwashers, washers and dryers, kitchens, ovens and stoves, heaters and stoves, hot water tanks and water heaters, refrigerators, freezers and freezers.

, dress: clothing for men, women and children (workwear, sportswear, daily wear and clothing items of all kinds), as well as jewelry and watches.

According to data from the Prisma Means of Payment Index, purchases with Now 12 represented 25% of credit card transactions in the second quarter of the year.

, footwear and leather goods: Sports and non-sports shoes, wallets, suitcases, handbags and leather goods made of leather and other materials.

, building materials and equipment: sand, cement, lime, plaster, bricks, iron, sheet metal, opening, wood, ceramics, toilets, pipes, pipes and their connectors, taps, membranes, tiles, paints, glass, hardware, wooden floors, Tanks, couplings, couplings, plugs and work tools.

, Furniture, All household items.

, bicyclesBicycles of all types, including electric bicycles, parts and/or parts thereof.

, motorcycles: whose final value does not exceed $350,000.

The government has now increased the cost of financing through
The government has now increased the cost of financing through

, Turismo: Long-distance bus tickets, air tickets, hotels and other tourist accommodations, tourist packages purchased through authorized travel agencies, rental cars, excursions and recreational activities, and regional products authorized by the competent provincial body. Within the Argentine region.

, Mattress and box springs

, school texts and books

, glasses and contact lensesIncludes prescription glasses and contact lenses purchased from opticians with a final cost of no more than $27,000.

, school stationery (notebook, stationery, pencil, pen, backpack, cartridge case, label, etc.).

, Toys & Board Games

Installment payment program has added new items in its latest update. Among them, plays and concerts by national artists to the extent of $20,000

, Electronics and home appliances technical services

– Tires, accessories, conversion kits to CNG gas for vehicles and spare parts for automobiles and motorcycles

– musical instruments

– Computers, notebooks and tablets

– Lighting fixtures including electric light fixtures with LED technology (light emitting diode)

– TV and Monitor

, odorant: cosmetic products, personal care and perfumes

Now 12 has been extended till next January
Now 12 has been extended till next January

, small appliances

– Sports preparation services, including gym,

, medical equipment, Includes respiratory therapy equipment (oxygen therapy equipment, aerosol therapy equipment -nebulizer-); furniture (orthopedic bed, bath aids: bath chair, transfer chair, grab bar); wheelchair; Orthos, orthopedics and their parts (prostheses for amputees, custom shells, custom orthoses, insoles, custom corsets, walkers, canes, crutches). A cap of $200,000 has been established for the item.

, machinery and equipmentIncludes drills, angle grinders, sanders, polishers, saws, stick welders, TIG system welders, MIG-MAG system welders and vices.

, Personal Care Services: Barber and beauty salon.

– Organization services for events and commercial exhibitions: catering and photography.

– Automotive and motorcycle repair services.

– Alarm installation services.

– Spa.

– for kit Domestic connections for public water and sewage services,

DURABLE KITCHEN ACCESSORIES: Pots, pans, frying pans and pans, all made of aluminum.

– Funeral services: coffee, funeral service, burial, transfer within the national territory.

, Shows and Cultural ProgramsThis includes plays and concerts by national artists, and is capped at $20,000).

– Educational services: language courses, computer related courses, sports and cultural activities. This does not include schools or universities.

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