Easy Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes Recipe (with Lemon)

I have a culinary confession: I love all things blueberry. Blueberry cobbler, blueberry scones, blueberry crumble and even blueberry lemonade! If it features blueberries in any form—freshly picked, frozen, or dried—I love it. So, what would you think is my breakfast of choice? Blueberries, of course. Blueberry pancakes, to be exact.

I have been working on the perfect light and fluffy pancake recipe and want to share my favorite with you. these fluffy Blueberry-Lemon Buttermilk Pancakes are bursting with fresh, plump berries and light lemony flavor. They come together in no time flat. You can cook them immediately, but I like to make them the night before, and the next morning the batter is so airy that the pancake just about floats away. These are perfectly delicious either way. Plus the combination of lemon and blueberry is heavenly.

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