How to make homemade pie from scratch

Saucy, sugary, cinnamon-laced apples, bubbling through buttery, flaky pastry— a single slice of apple pie can elicit memories of autumn festivals, the county fair, hometown parades and cozy holidays.

While apple pie isn’t uniquely American, it’s still our national dessert harkening back to the culinary repertoires of Dutch, Swedish and German immigrants who brought their flaky, buttery pastry with them, and the apples used were not Johnny Appleseed’s ridiculously sour crabapples, but apples from trees that were likewise introduced to America via overseas trade routes.

So, where did the phrase, “As American as apple pie” come from?

During World War II, soldiers commonly proclaimed that they enlisted for “for mom and apple pie”. Since then, the phrase has referred to anything deemed patriotic and commemorative. The staying power of apple pie likely has more to do with it’s delicious simplicity, than with any kind of symbolism.

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