Make-ahead jar salad stays fresh for days: Healthy Table recipe

This week, we’re excited to share another dish to add to your list of make-ahead meals – and this one comes in a glass Mason jar. The big benefit? Our healthy Mediterranean salad can stay fresh in a jar for several days.

The trick is to put the salad dressing – homemade or store bought – in the bottom of the jar. Then add hard veggies like onions and bell pepper to pick up the flavor of the salad dressing. Follow that with soft veggies like cucumbers and zucchini. Next, add whole-grain pasta and a layer of protein – tuna, chicken and/or beans. Finally, add salad greens and nuts or seeds. The greens will stay crisp and the whole salad will stay fresh in this glass jar. When you’re ready to eat the salad, simply shake the jar to spread the dressing and grab a fork.

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Another advantage of this salad is time savings. It’s easier to wash and cut a few more veggies at one time than to do the same task several times during the week. Get your creative kids or picky grownups involved. Let them choose their favorite veggies and make individual salads in separate little jars. For those who like a little bit of sweetness – top with a few raisins or dried cranberries.

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