Peru Taco Bar in Dublin offers delicious Peruvian food, Mexican dishes

GA Benton

Has the restaurant business ever been tougher? Yet in the face of rampant staffing and supply-chain issues challenging the industry, new eateries keep popping up.

When the ambitious Momo Ghar outlet in Dublin didn’t survive — it was a fun but short-lived extension of the popular Tibetan/Nepali eatery in the North Market — I felt bad for a worthy business whose risk didn’t pan out. Just a few months later in May, though, another operation premiered in the same space of Dublin’s Festival Center shopping plaza: Peru Taco Bar.

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Tacos are about as Peruvian as pizzas, so that name might raise eyebrows. Research confirmed what a menu scan suggested: While offering widely available Mexican dishes, Peru Taco Bar — which shares ownership with the family that runs El Pollo Perucho, a stalwart West Side Peruvian restaurant — also skillfully cooks hard-to-find, but easy- to love Peruvian food.

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