Practice mindful eating with this easy-to-make frittata recipe

I am so happy to be back in Iowa City. It is such a rich and diverse city culturally and also in terms of the food that is available.

I am visiting again from the United Kingdom, for six months this time and enjoying all that is on offer here through the warmer months.

I like to shop at either Natural Grocers or New Pioneer because they have lots of organic, vegan food and the fruit and vegetables largely come “naked,” rather than packaged in plastic as they do at the larger supermarkets.

Of course, the best-case scenario is buying naked, organic produce from local farmers at the Downtown Farmers Market. Supporting local growers who value biodiversity and have a passion for soil health and natural growing processes is a great investment in the future of our precious planet.

“But buying organic is expensive!” I hear some of you say.

Yes, it can cost more in monetary terms, and maybe that reflects the true cost of growing food that is more nutritious than its non-organic or genetically modified counterparts. If we are not paying the cost of sustainable food production, we can be certain that the Earth is. If we care about sustaining this planet we call home, then buying organic food is equally as important as eating a plant-based diet, and driving a smaller car — or better still, cycling!

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