Spinach dip is an easy appetizer. This is the ultimate recipe

Hot spinach dip is the quintessential crowd-pleasing appetizer. It’s warm, creamy, cheesy, and adored by everyone. This recipe is no different, and thanks to my tips and tricks below, it’s easy to prepare, prep-ahead friendly and the most delicious version you will ever eat.

Boasting three types of cheese that are tart, nutty and melty, vibrant spinach and a notable amount of garlic, the middle of the dip is creamy and rich, while the top is golden and stretchy.

What kind of spinach should I use in hot spinach dip?

Opt for fresh spinach if possible. I prefer fresh baby spinach leaves for this dip. Yes, removing the stems requires a little extra work, but frozen chopped spinach is often stringy. That said, you can substitute 10 ounces of thawed, well-drained, frozen chopped spinach in a pinch.

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