The Best Electric Griddle Options for Every Pancake Flipper

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Best Splurgy Electric Griddle

BroilKing Professional Griddle

If pancakes, scrambled eggs and scratch-made breakfasts are on regular rotation at your house, you may want to splurge on the BroilKing Professional Griddle.

“While it is expensive, this griddle cooks food beautifully!” says Josh. “You do get what you pay for in this case.”

When you plug in this griddle, you can control the temperature anywhere between 200 and 400ºF. Like all griddle models, the temperature can vary in spots, but Josh explains that this is minimal with the BroilKing electric griddle—just about 10º. This even cooking allows you to make all your griddled favorites with ease.

This model performed well in all our tests, from fried eggs to cheese crisps, but Josh says that making pancakes on this griddle is a joy. A variety of pancake recipes bubbled up and browned so nicely.

And while the surface is slightly textured, rest assured that it is nonstick. Josh explains that this slightly pebbled finish actually makes it easy to slide a spatula under griddled foods without having them slide all the way across the pan. If they do, however, the removable backsplash will stop any flapjacks from skittering away. Smart!

After you’re done cooking, cleanup is easy. Josh suggests wiping down the surface with a paper towel. This model does have a grease trap, but Josh says that a quick clean with a damp towel is often all this electric griddle requires.


  • Detachable backsplash
  • The surface heats very evenly
  • 2-year warranty


  • spendy price tag; not for casual cooks

Price: $220

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Dash Griddle

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Best Budget Electric Griddle

Dash Everyday Griddle

If you’re just getting into the griddle game, try a more budget-friendly option like the Dash Everyday Griddle.

For less than $50, you get a sturdy, easy-to-use griddle. Just plug the cord into the flat top and turn the dial to your desired setting. That’s all there is to it!

Once plugged in, the Dash griddle begins to heat immediately. Josh explains that, overall, the Dash keeps a pretty consistent heat (about 15º of variance between the hottest and coolest parts of the surface). Consistent heating is exactly what you need for frying up bacon and eggs. You’ll find that this griddle doesn’t get extremely hot (use your cast-iron pan for a good, hard sear), so give yourself an extra minute or two to finish up your griddle cakes.

This option is a bit smaller than other griddles, but it still has plenty of room to fit eight medium-sized pancakes or 12 strips of bacon.


  • Great price for anyone between beginner French toast flippers and expert egg makers
  • sturdy frame
  • Available in a variety of colors including aqua and red


  • Heats slowly and gently; this is great if you’re prone to overcooking your flapjacks but can be a drawback if you’re trying to wrestle up breakfast on a tighter schedule (though, you can save time by using our Test Kitchen’s favorite pancake mix)
  • The ridge around the griddle can be challenging to clean

Price: $45

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Beautiful By Drew Barrymore Griddle

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Most Stylish Electric Griddle

Beautiful Extra Large Griddle

When looks are just as important as performance when flipping grilled cheese sandwiches, opt for the Beautiful Extra Large Griddle from Drew Barrymore’s Walmart-exclusive kitchenware line.

This griddle option has a sleek and elegant appearance. The griddle itself is a light gray which is different than the black nonstick options you’ll find on other models. It also has a gold-tone trim and comes in a variety of subtle colors (Josh likes the cornflower blue).

But it’s not all looks! This is one of the best electric griddles because it performs extremely well in the kitchen. If you’re making bacon, breakfast sausage or other recipes that are prone to a bit of spatter, click the detachable backsplash into place. This will keep your counters a bit tidier. And once those links are done cooking, Josh explains that funneling any excess grease into the included trap is super easy.

For fluffy pancakes, just plug in the griddle and get ready to flip. The outermost corners of this griddle tend to be a little cooler, but scooting your pancakes a bit toward the center solves the problem. Josh explains that despite a slightly cooler edge, his test pancakes had the perfect color and texture.

This isn’t the first time Drew Barrymore’s Beautiful kitchenware line has landed a top spot in our product tests. “This brand consistently delivers good looks and good function,” says Josh. Beautiful also got top ranking in our best blender test and best air fryer test. In fact, the Beautiful air fryer is a holiday essential for Executive Culinary Director Sarah Farmer.


  • Sleek and modern style
  • Very easy to clean
  • Includes a detachable backsplash
  • Available in pretty colors like sage and cornflower blue, in addition to basics like black


  • The corners of the griddle were notably cooler than the center

Price: $59

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