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Buying Guide for Kitchen Towels

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Why buy kitchen towels?

Kitchen towels are essential, everyday items that help out in the kitchen. It’s always a good idea to have several on hand for everyday use. While many kitchen towels are made for decoration or simple absorption, others are made to tackle spills, dry dishes, or act as a barrier between your hands and warm surfaces. Some are great for covering your bread dough while it rises. Ultimately, kitchen towels are there to make your kitchen a more welcoming place.

What should you consider in kitchen towels?

  • Fabric: When choosing a kitchen towel, it’s important to choose a fabric that’s easy to clean, dries quickly, and feels soft to the touch. Cotton and microfiber are popular choices because they won’t scratch or damage pots, pans, plates, or glassware, and they absorb water quickly. Cotton towels can often be easily washed in your washer and dryer, making them an easy choice for busy homeowners. Microfiber towels can generally also be tossed in the washer and dryer, but be aware of washing instructions so that they don’t fade, stick, or pill.
  • Absorption: Aside from an absorbent fabric, the weaves and structure of that fabric can help it to absorb liquid more easily. Waffle weave fabric is known to be absorbent and dry without a musty smell. Lighter, thinner tea towels may not dry as quickly, but they can last a long time and suck up water quickly.
  • Colors and Styles: Another thing you may want to consider is the look of your kitchen towels. Do they complement your space? Do the colors and patterns make you smile? The color and style choices of kitchen towels are nearly endless, offering up designs for holidays and seasons as well as other fun, modern designs. For every day, it’s nice to have a set that’s not as busy and has a nice color scheme.

What’s the difference between kitchen towels and dish towels?

Kitchen towels are technically any towels found and used in the kitchen; however, they’re typically thought of as the ones you don’t want to get super dirty. You can use them to dry your hands after washing them or to provide a nice decorative touch by hanging them next to your sink or on your oven door. They usually aren’t the ones you want to scrub dishes or soak up messy spills with.

Dish towels are the more utilitarian type of kitchen towel used to clean and dry dishes. They’re usually more durable and absorbent to handle spills and often come in smaller sizes to scrub the dishes or wipe off the countertops.

Our Picks for the Best Kitchen Towels

Best Overall

Pros: Available in three value sizes: a 6-pack, a 12-pack, or a 204-pack, there’s an option to fit small households, bigger households, or businesses. With each pack, you get half dobby weave towels and half of the solid color of your choice. These premium, 100% ring-spun cotton kitchen towels are elegant yet functional, absorbing liquids and drying quickly. And they’re available in several fun color choices to complement your kitchen decor. Also, these cotton towels are sustainably made, so you can feel good about your purchase. And they’re machine washable for easy cleanup.

Cons: After multiple washes, these may fray a little at the seams.

Bottom Line: These multifunctional kitchen towels fit the bill as absorbent towels for washing your hands that look good but that can also handle some dishes. They’re simple to clean and elegant enough to show off in a nicely decorated kitchen.

Best for Drying

Pros: These 100% cotton waffle weave towels feel soft and comfortable when drying your hands or wiping pots, pans, or dishes. The unique honeycomb design makes it more durable, standing up to tough messes and plenty of tumbles through the washer and dryer. Plus, they soften over time, so they won’t scratch your delicate cookware, plates, and pans. They’re lightweight, breathable, and super absorbent. And they’re easy to machine wash, but they last longer if you wash with cold water on the gentle cycle and tumble dry low. Plus, the four-pack is a great money-saving value.

Cons: The size and shape of these towels are a bit longer and slimmer than standard kitchen towels.

Bottom Line: These towels are very soft and thick, yet they’re lightweight. And the waffle design helps them dry quickly and leaves no musty smell in your kitchen.

Best Hand Towel

Pros: Made from premium, 100% natural Turkish cotton, this super soft, skin-friendly towel will withstand the test of time. You can wash it in the washer and dry it in the dryer without risking the towel losing its shape. Also, this chic towel is large and versatile. It can be used as a hand towel for your kitchen, bathroom, bar, restaurant, spa, salon, or hotel. You can also use it at the gym or to dry your hair. And it’s even large enough for your baby’s bath. This towel is also ultra-absorbent, soft, and scratch-free. And best of all, when you wash it properly, the color won’t fade.

Cons: There are two sizes available, and both are larger than an average hand towel.

Bottom Line: For a pretty, extra-large kitchen towel that stands the test of time, this is a great option. It’s larger than most, absorbent, and never carries a musty smell. And because it’s super versatile, this towel makes a fantastic gift.

Best Set

Pros: Available in several decorative designs, these fun kitchen towels make a fresh statement in any kitchen. This versatile kitchen set includes two kitchen towels, two pot holders, and an oven mitt, so you can keep your kitchen’s surfaces clean and tidy and use safe practices while cooking. The kitchen towels are the perfect size to use as dishtowels, bar towels, dishcloths, and tea towels. Plus, they’re made from soft, durable 100% cotton for great absorption. Everything in this set is machine washable, and the towels can be dried in the dryer while the other accessories can air dry flat.

Cons: The towels in this set are not as soft or thick as some other options.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a full set of kitchen accessories for your new home, for a new season, or to give as a gift, this may be a great selection. The colors are bright and attractive. And there are lots of great design choices.

Best for Spills

Pros: These Swedish dishcloths are unique and extremely absorbent towels. They’re more utilitarian than the other options on our list and are great for soaking up kitchen messes, drying plates, pots, pans, and glassware. They’re equally great for other around-the-house cleaning projects, especially since they don’t leave a linty mess behind. They come in a multitude of fun color selections, including a fun multi-color pack. They’re soft, reusable, and wash up nicely in your washer and dryer, making them a great alternative to kitchen sponges. You get 10 in each pack, saving money over time.

Cons: It’s difficult to remove stains from these kitchen towels, they’re smaller than most average dish towels, and they’re not very decorative.

Bottom Line: These unique kitchen towels are effective at cleaning, scrubbing, and drying. They’re nearly as absorbent as sponges, and they’re easy to wring out. They’re also safe for all surfaces.

Final Thoughts

Kitchen towels are household staples. If you want to spruce up your kitchen, check out these kitchen towels.

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