The Best Stuff from Emma Chamberlain’s AD Home Tour

We’re believers in this house. We pray to the holy trinity of Architectural Digest home tour video legends: Dakota Johnson, Troye Sivan, and Dr. Phil’s son—the latter of which never actually got an AD moment in the sun, but whose unhinged home was more than deserving of the spotlight, if only for sociological reasons. We’ve found dupes for the tours’ most memorable decor, from Sivan’s Noguchi lamps to Cara Delevigne’s sex swings, and the latest objects of our obsession belond to the newest member of AD hour tour cult family, Emma Chamberlain.

Regardless of whether or not you know who Chamberlain is, let alone followed the YouTuber’s meteoric rise as an influencer with over 16 million Instagram followers, you can appreciate a design job well done. AD describes Chamberlain’s home as “deeply personal” in its feature on the 21-year-old mogul, who first gained fame in 2017 as a highly relatable, highly hilarious influencer documenting everything from Dollar Tree hauls (her first viral video) to the pitfalls of pulling an all nighter. Since then, she has made time’s 2019 list of the 25 Most Influential People, attended the Met Gala, and, of course, curated a moodboard-worthy home aesthetic.

Chamberlain’s mid-century modern Los Angeles home masters the same old-MCM-Hollywood-cool as Dakota Johnson’s bungalow, but incorporates even more color and trend savvy pieces without ever feeling try-hard.

The postmodern chrome lights, the Americana touches, the Japandi decor—there are so many reasons why we sent the video of Chamberlain’s digs to multiple group texts. Will the Ultrafragola mirror feel dated in a few years? yeah. But who cares?? Trends come and go and come back again, and it’s clear from the tour that Chamberlain is passionate about every detail of her home, from the custom Cocaine Decor-style entryway table (which she crawls inside of, in true Chamberlain fashion) to the artwork of her father that adorns the walls.

We’ve found the best furniture and decor deals, dupes, doppelgängers, and lookalikes for you to bring some of Chamberlain’s own laid-back, MCM-hippie-house-meets-pop-art-paradise vibe into your own home, whether you have $12 to throw down or $1,200.

The best stuff filling Emma Chamberlain’s shelves

Spied in Chamberlain’s living room and foyer: Taschen’s massive tattoo art book, bright vases, and accent bowls, and this pair of Beatles-themed nesting dolls from Etsy.

$69.42 at Etsy

This Bluetooth-enabled Audio-Technica record player is a dead ringer for Chamberlain’s entryway turntable, and it’s just over $200. We gave it a test run ourselves, and determined it to be a mid-range collector’s dream for ease of assembly, and the fact that it can connect to whatever speakers of smart devices you have in your house.

$219 at Amazon

We have to give a special shoutout to this Lucite stepping stool, which may not be on Chamberlain’s shelves, but does help her reach them in her walk-in closet. “I love this thing,” she says, “I think [it’s] so cute I leave it out.” It comes in retro shades of sunburst orange, Yves Klein blue, and more.

$192 at Amazon

The best seating inspired by Emma Chamberlain’s home tour

Go for soft, slightly amorphous couches and chairs to cop Chamberlain’s seating aesthetic. This bouclé West Elm piece by Mara Hoffman is a statement chair that really pulls its own weight, because it’s big enough to curl up on and read a book, but feels relaxed and design-forward with its low-slung frame.

$699 at West Elma

Chamberlain’s living room is anchored by an extra long, curved brown sofa, and this velvet looker by Carezza is the perfect dupe for our railroad apartments.

$1699.99$1529.99 at way fair

$1699.99$1529.99 at way fair

Rattan plays a big role in the influencer’s LA home, whether it’s wallpapering her restroom or popping up in one of her sitting rooms on a statement chair; the contrast of all of her bouclé and velvet fabrics with the natural and wood materials is what makes it feel so nonchalantly cool and inviting.

$439.99$289.99 at way fair

$439.99$289.99 at way fair

Top of the couch with these lookalikes of Chamberlain’s buttery yellow, gridded pillows from Wayfair.

$32.48 at way fair

The best tables inspired by Emma Chamberlain’s home tour

Corn is having a viral moment, but these stools harken back to the oversized novelty pop decor that thrived in the 80s and 90s. Chamberlain has a few of these big lumps with knobs in her pool area as side tables, but you could use them for seating, as a plant stand, a pedestal, or a shrine to the exemplary vegetable.

$295 at Amazon

This iridescent side table was found in her sitting room, and contrasted so well with the earthier texture of her live-edge wood coffee table—the perfect blend of goblincore and pop decor.

$192.99 at way fair

$142.99 at Amazon

Again, you’re going to want to go for soft edges and coffee tables that look like they’ve been through a rock tumbler to remerge as polished, warm pieces of furniture. This Orren Ellis coffee table from Wayfair almost looks as if it’s made out of marble, and is giving “Pierre Cardin for West Elm” (if only).

$549.99 at way fair

Is it a cloud? A petal from another planet? This iridescent side table embodies all of the postmodern playfulness we love about Chamberlain’s decor, and the off-center design means it can moonlight as a tray table.

$379.99 at way fair

Something really great happens when traditional Art Deco motifs are paired with salt-of-the-Earth materials such as stone, and that’s exactly why West Elm’s Zayden table shines; it would be just as at-home in a Cocaine Decor apartment as it would be in Ricardo Bofill’s converted cement factory home in Spain.

$179 at West Elma

The best lighting inspired by Emma Chamberlain’s home tour

We won’t be footing the bill for Chamberlain’s $31,800 chandelier from Trueing Studio, but we can assemble a few of these dangly, bulbous pendant lamps from Amazon for way cheaper.

$45.99 at Amazon

We also found a doppelgänger for the über mod, red mushroom lamp by her record player, which has a 4.8-star average rating on Amazon.

$49.99 at Amazon

We’ll never forget when Troye Sivan said he wants to feel like he’s in a “soup” of light during his AD home tour, and the massive globe lamp at the foot of Chamberlain’s bed hits the same note. Bringing a light source closer to the ground will make any room, but especially your bedroom, feel even more intimate and relaxing.

$69.99 at Amazon

The best kitchen decor inspired by Emma Chamberlain’s home tour

Chamberlain launched her eponymous coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee, back in 2020—so of course her Breville coffee machine set-up was on full display. These babies are like the Cadillac of bean machines and can cost upwards of $800, but the Bambino is a little over $340 and gets top marks from reviewers on Amazon.

$349.95 at Amazon

One of the most memorable parts of the tour was Chamberlain’s light green kitchen, which was covered in a calming, sage-colored marble and dotted with copper pots and antiques. Opt for a green marble pastry or cheese board to bring a bit of the material into your own kitchen, and integrate your own tchotchkes (or the same vintage salt and pepper shakers she says she found on Etsy).

$48.50$38.80 at Zazzle

$12.99 at eBay

The best art inspired by Emma Chamberlain’s home tour

Who knew Chamberlain’s pops was such a talented painter? The cheery landscapes, portraits, and scenes of everyday life the YouTuber’s father Michael Chamberlain take center stage in the home, and are mixed-and-matched with lighthearted paintings of grocery store peanut butter aisles and wonky dogs to create sick gallery walls. There are plenty of ways to get expensive-looking wall art for cheap, but we would sell our left toe for this abstract painting by Libby Rosa.

$5000 at 1stDibs

The lovable, spaced-out dog portraits are also stand-outs in her home. “These have personality in a way that I rarely feel when I look at art,” Chamberlain says. The good folks at Society6 also have quite a few canine-loving prints, such as this 40% off (and pre-framed) piece.

$60$36 at Society6

Now go forth, and make friends and influence people.

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