The Potential Motors Adventure 1 Is A Wacky And Rugged RV

There are some people who are hard-workers during weekdays and off-road adventurers during weekends. These so-called weekend warriors simply don’t just go out and play in the sun for a few hours. They would take their chances in any place where thrill and excitement resides.

Some off-road adventurers, though, may need more than a day off the grid, to fully enjoy the things lying ahead. For them, the right vehicle for the job is a necessity. Nevertheless, an adventurer’s choice of the right vehicle may depend on various factors, including the trip essentials, destination terrain, and the adventure duration.

Thus, for some, a recreational vehicle might do the trick. For these off-road warriors, Canadian startup Potential Motors believe it offers the right RV for the job – the Adventure 1. It isn’t just any RV, as the company’s offering is an electric-powered recreational vehicle with a number of unique and interesting features.

A compact off-road vehicle designed and handcrafted to explore where larger off-roaders can’t go, the Potential Motors Adventure 1 is definitely a wacky and rugged RV.

Going Places Where SUVs And Trucks Can’t

Adventure 1 is Potential Motors’ flagship model that would commence production some time in 2024. For now, all the company has been renders, although there’s an image on the startup’s Website showing Adventure 1 in its skeletal form. Potential Motors – with financial backing from venture capital investors like TIME Venture and Brightspark Ventures — plans to produce these category-defining vehicles in low volume.

Potential Motors actually categorizes the Adventure 1 as an Off-Road Recreational Vehicle (ORV), an off-highway vehicle made for recreational use. It can achieve cross-country travel on road, harsh terrain, snow, sand, marsh, or even swampland.

Since the ORV measures just 178 inches in length (with 105 inches of wheelbase) and around 64 inches in width, it can access the ATV trails and remote destinations that are usually inaccessible to larger vehicles such as a SUVs or trucks. Helping the Adventure 1 in this regard is that fact that it boasts 40 degrees of approach angle, 45 degrees of departure angle, 29 degrees of breakover angle, as well as 12.9 inches of ground clearance.

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Dual Motor Power With AWD Capability

As an electric ORV, the Adventure 1 comes powered by two electric motors – one on the front and another on the rear – for an all-wheel drive configuration. Potential Motors estimate the combined system output of Adventure 1 at around 604 hp and its system torque at around 737 lb-ft. This makes the Adventure 1 nearly as potent as the Jeep Wrangler Magneto 2.0 concept.

According to Potential Motors, the Adventure 1 rides on an electric architecture that allows for a sealed and airtight construction. This means the driver can drive the ORV through mud or water without having worry about safety.

In addition, the Adventure 1 with its own Off-Road OS, allowing the ORV to navigate the harshest terrains with relative ease. The Off-Road OS can read the terrain and feed the information back to the ECU in real time, thereby allowing Adventure 1 to adapt to the terrain automatically and proactively. Moreover, the Off-Road OS of the Adventure 1 can proactively adjust damping and stiffness of the suspension.

As per Potential Motors, the Adventure 1 will offer up to 100 miles of off-road range. Just like other EVs, the Adventure 1 is rechargeable through level 1, 2, or 3 charging. In case its juice runs out while in the wild, the driver can recharge the ORV via an integrated backup charger, which uses propane meant for the cooking and heating.

A Perfect Compact Home Away From Home

Potential Motors’ Adventure 1 can serve a perfectly compact basecamp – a home away from home. It’s great for overlanding activities. It comes with a deployable full-size bed that could accommodate two people in comfort. When not in use, the bed integrates and folds into a compartment.

As indicated, the ORV allows adventurers to cook via its mobile kitchen that includes a two-burner stove, a refrigerator, kitchen accessories, and a sink. It can carry up to 10.5 liters of water, allowing for a convenient cooking and washing. Removing the kitchen would prove an interior space measuring around 88 cubic feet. This is enough space to accommodate two full-sized dirt bikes behind the rear seats.

Featuring an automotive-grade glass windshield and a fully collapsible steering wheel, the Adventure 1 features three-way adjustable seats with adjustable headrests. Thanks to Adventure 1’s cab over architecture and large windows, it can provide optimal line-of-site on the trails.

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An OHV That Can Be Towed On Highways

Since the Adventure 1 is an OHV, it is off-limits to highways in several states. However, there are states that allow license for OHVs on non-highway roads. In case one needs to travel through the highway, they can just tow or trailer the Adventure 1 behind any full-size truck.

Potential Motors is planning to unveil a production-intent prototype of the Adventure 1 to the public at the Overland Expo East on October 7 to 9. With production set to commence not earlier than 2024, delivers will start in 2025. Each Adventure 1 has a starting price of around $136,000.

Source: Potential Motors

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