The Top 6 Hottest Holiday Gift Trends According To Etsy

The holidays are just around the corner, and for those looking to shop small or personalize their gifts, Etsy is the place to go. An online retailer for unique and creative goods, users can find memorable gifts for just about anyone on Etsy. But if you are a little stuck on what to get for your nanny, mother-in-law or supportive sister, let Etsy’s 2022 Holiday Trend List be your guide.

From vibrant décor to “pearlcore”, kitchen kitsch and après ski accessories, check out these trending items guaranteed to please.

1. Merry & Bright

Image: PlushFiberCraftCo | Etsy

Ditch the ordinary red and green staples of the season and embrace the dopamine-boosting, vibrant colors and designs making a splash this season. According to Etsy there has been a 346 percent increase in searches for disco ball decor, an 86 percent increase in searches for vibrant wall art, a 34 percent increase in searches for hot pink fashion items and a 24 percent increase in searches for colorful wreaths like the playful pom-pom wreath above.

Buy It: Merry and Bright Colorful Wreath, Starting at $77,

2. Enchanted Forest

Image: CatherineLDesign | Etsy

For those looking for a more subdued, natural look, foraged-inspired foliage and fantastical fauna take center stage. Over the past year, there has been a 118 percent increase in searches for nature-inspired home decor, a 37 percent increase in searches for enchanted forest-inspired decor and an 18 percent increase in searches for luna moth items. Bring this serene forest feel to your holiday gifting with this minimalistic mistletoe wrapping paper.

Buy It: Christmas Wrapping Paper-Luxury Eco Gift Wrap-Mistletoe, Starting at $3 a sheet,

3. Après Ski

Image: CaiCaiHandmade | Etsy

As temperatures drop and shoppers look to refresh their winter wardrobes and home decor, the newest craze is all about capturing that après ski feeling. Statistics show a 183 percent increase in searches for knit balaclavas, a 163 percent increase in searches for puffer bags, and a 16 percent increase in searches for retro or vintage ski jackets. If you are looking to capture this alpine attitude in home decor, look no further than these eclectic mountain candles made of soy and beeswax.

Buy It: Mountain Candle, Starting at $13,

4. Pearlcore

Image: foeanddear | Etsy

The ‘pearlcore’ trend puts a modern twist on the timeless beauty of pearls making them accessible and fun for all ages. Pearl purses, bags and shoes have all seen a 44 percent increase in searches while the classic pearl dangle and drop earrings have seen a 31 percent increase. A simple and elegant pearl necklace like the above easily elevates any holiday look.

Buy It: Sienna Necklace-Pearl, $94,

5. Kitchen Kitsch

Image: BeKarriedAway | Etsy

Out with the new and in with the well-loved—retro kitchen accessories are having a major moment. Statement-making, sentimental items that can be passed down for generations are increasing in popularity, with vintage mixing bowls seeing an 85 percent increase in search, retro decor a 26 percent increase and vintage pyrex a 14 percent increase. A perfect representation of this heartfelt trend, this Latkes Recipe Platter is something friends and family members will enjoy showing off from the first day of Hanukkah all the way through the high holy days.

Buy It: Hanukkah We Love Latkes Recipe Platter, $39,

6. New Age Rituals

Image: EssaraiCeramics | Etsy

From the astrology lover in your life to the crystal-loving caregiver, interest in spiritual practices and New Age rituals is on the rise. Since last year there has been a 338 percent increase in searches for aura art, a 90 percent increase in searches for affirmation items and a 16 percent increase in searches for tarot-inspired necklaces. For a sweet-smelling tie-in to this trend, consider snagging this carefully crafted crystal incense tray, customizable with 20+ crystal options and 10 tray color combos.

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