This stovetop pasta is fast and easy to make

It’s hard to imagine a meal more satisfying than lasagna. The classic Italian-American casserole boasts layers of tender noodles, robust sauce, savory meat and soft, stretchy cheese. And since the variations are endless — from a fiery noodle casserole with spicy sausage, to lasagna made with heaps of vegetables — this iconic dish appeals to meat and veggie lovers alike.

The only downside to lasagna is the lengthy preparation involved. Even if you’re using no-boil (oven-ready) pasta, constructing lasagna from scratch requires multiple steps, from fashioning a sauce to combining cheeses and layering all the components in a baking dish.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could enjoy the comforting flavors without all the fuss or long bake time?

This is the question that lead me to create a skillet lasagna, which is ready in about 30 minutes with only one pan to clean.

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